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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Risk Saying To Your Boss

Posted by Gaurav Chopra at 12:44 PM Read our previous post

A casual entendre at work always bodes well for a lively atmosphere. However, make sure you are not pushing the line too far. When around your boss, make sure you weigh your every word before you let go. You do not want to get on the wrong side of your boss. For working professionals, here are top 10 things you shouldn’t risk saying to your boss.
  1. “I was not told I would have to do this”- This one is an absolute disaster. Organizations today are looking for versatile individuals who are not afraid to take up new responsibilities. Just because you weren’t told about an assignment at the time of hiring does not mean you are not entitled to do it. If you don’t do it, somebody else will, but you can be rest assured you won’t be getting a promotion for a long time.
  2. Not saying anything- Silence may speak more than words when it comes to your girlfriend, but it is so not true when it comes to your boss. Bosses are always looking for updates and great ideas from their teams. Make sure you keep your boss constantly updated.
  3. “I have already booked my vacation”- Now, it is not your boss’s problem that you have already booked your vacation. You should have consulted him/her before making the arrangements. Booking a vacation without consulting your boss shows an irresponsible behavior.
  4. “I cannot work with…”- Refusing to work with a particular person in a team spells doom for your career. It is a very immature behavior that will not get you anywhere. Learn to compromise and accommodate, because that’s the only way you are going to move ahead.
  5. “You told me to do it this way”- You have committed a mistake and now you are putting all the blame on your boss- it is so not cool. Remember, the boss is always right. Even if he/she is wrong, put it in a respectful manner. Holding your boss at fault is the last thing you want to do.
  6. “I don’t need any training”- Learning is a life-long process. Refusal to undergo training shows a narrow-minded attitude. Don’t ever refuse training, especially when your boss recommends it. He/she may have grand plans for your future.
  7. “I did not have enough balance in my mobile”- Don’t disappear on your boss, ever. Even if you have to take an urgent off because you are feeling down and out, do not fail to inform your boss. If you do not have enough balance in your mobile to call him/her, at least drop an e-mail.
  8. “This is not possible”- Bosses love people who find solutions to all the problems. On the contrary, they hate people who are constant naysayers. Instead of denying a solution to a problem, bring together all your ideas to help solve it. Your boss will love you for it.
  9. “I am getting bored”- No, you just can’t say that when you are at work, at least not when you have been working for more than a week. Even if you are getting bored, keep it yourself if you don’t want to get piled with work.
  10. “Don’t you think I am underpaid?”- No matter how brilliant you are, and no matter how much your boss loves you, never say those words. Your salary is determined after a close consultation with your boss. Thus, by saying those words, you are unintentionally pointing a finger at your boss.

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