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sarkarinokrinews from Gaurav Chopra aims to help out students to success in educational field . This blog provides best of Educational news , Latest Exam results , Board & University notification , latest recruitment updates & more educational updates.

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Who Am I? – Behind The Blog

Hi, I’m Gaurav Chopra also known by my nickname “Goru” on web. I’m from India and living in a city which is going undergoing a massive development(but very slow and in a bad way; you know corruption and all that..) : Ratia.

I’m just of 23 yrs. now and blogging as well as affiliate marketing is like a part-time job for me. I successfully completed my high school in 2007 and now doing my Bachelor of Education from SBDS College of Education Ratia ( Haryana ).

Prior to blogging, I used the web just to spread pirated products like softwares, games, movies etc. and it was a fun thing to do. But later on, things completely changed. I started taking interest in the gaming world and started playing games as it also helped me to make money by winning tournaments.

But one day, when I was just looking around for some “cheat codes for a game”, I stumble upon a page about which I was completely clueless. It was looking very interesting to me. When I properly checked out what it is all about, I came to know it was something called “blog”.

Then next day, I started discovering more about what is “blog”, its benefits (specially the making money online part) and some more blah blah..All this made me suddenly quit my ‘newbie gamer stage’ and I stepped into the world of blogg

I have blogged from the starting of year 2012 but got serious in it in the middle or maybe at the end of 2012 (ahh..I don’t exactly remember when..sorry). I find blogging a very interesting way to communicate with the world to share knowledge and I have now used it as a way to make money blogging.

You can connect with me from many ways:

Twitter : http://twitter.in/sarkarinokrinews
Facebook : http://www.facebook.in/sarkarinokrinews
Friend Feed : https://sarkarinokrinews.in/friendfeed
Google Plus : +Gaurav Chopra
LinkedIn : https://sarkarinokrinews.in/linkedin


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