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HTET 2011 Exam Paper - Primary Level ( Child Development ) Part 1

Friends today a have latest information about HTEH November 2011 Exam papers. I know lot of candidates are waiting For these question papers. today i have published first 10 question Of HTET Primary Level exam . These are all questions are related to Child Development And Pedagogy  portion . These all question not yet published on any site . friend I will  provide you all other questions with answer of this exam paper after few hours. 

HTET Exam November 2011            (Child Development And Pedagogy
1. Children of 6-11 years age group need the following for learning ?
(A) Availability of concrete activities or experiences
(B) Transfer of knowledge by the teacher
(C) Provision of opportunities for memorization
(D) Motivation to attain high rank in the class
Ans : (A)
2. Social Development Of a child actually begins ?
(A) In early school stage
(B) in infancy
(C) in early childhood
(D) In later childhood
Ans : (D)
3. Education psychology is ?
(A) Pure science
(B) an applied Science
(C) A normative science
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)
4. Teaching becomes much more effective provided ?
(A) Students are given autonomy and control to work on their own
(B) Students learning is directed and controlled by the teacher
(C) Teacher plays a central role in explaining the facts
(D) teacher directs learning
Ans : (C)
5. What is not true About growth ?
(A) Growth is physical
(B) Growth is quantitative
(C) Growth is measurable
(D) Growth is a life long process
Ans : (D)
6. Learning is a process of ?
(A) Memorizing Facts 
(B) Memorizing the text material 
(C) Meaning making through experience 
(D) Preparing of examination 
Ans : (C)
7. A suitable method of teaching primary class children is ?
(A) Trial And Error method
(B) imitation method 
(C) Lecture method 
(D) Play-way-method
Ans : (D)
8. Which statement about a creative child is not true ?
(A) A creative child is curious
(B) A creative child is  not adventurous
(C) a creative child is extrovert
Ans : (B)
9. For 6-11 year age group learning is ?
(A) An Active process of knowledge construction 
(B) a process of passive memorization 
(C) a process of hearing attentively in the classroom 
(D) a process of studying a textbook 
Ans : (A)
10. A child learn more if he is ?
(A) taught through textbook
(B)  taught through computer
(C)  taught through lecture method
(D)   taught through activity method
Ans : (D)
 Note - All these questions are my own property and all answers of question are given by our export team. but if you have any doubt about the question you share to us in our comment box and share your quires. Thanks 

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